Lose Weight, and keep it off!

I lost nearly 50 pounds in less than a year with the information in this course. and so can you!

Are you ready to shed those unwaned pounds, boost your health and energy, and finally become the healthiest version of yourself? All while drinking delicious juices? If so, then this is the course for YOU!

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what if i told you that you could lose weight...

by drinking juice!?

With the Healthy Self Course, You'll Learn:

How to lower your cholesterol, A1C, and regulate blood sugar: Even if you're already on prescription medications.

​The most important Power Habits to sustain your weight loss.

How to ensure your liver is functioning properly, so that your body can efficiently detox.

​​How to identify the triggers that lead you to emotionally eat.

How the right Vitamins, Herbs, and Minerals can increase your chances of a Healthy Self.

Free Lifetime Access to the Course!

WHY I Designed THIS Course

I know what it's like to want to have self confidence when looking in the mirror; only to be disappointed with the image that is looking back at you.

I created this for people who are sick of saying "this is my year"... or... "this is my summer to finally lose weight" only to be frustrated and disappointed each year.

I created this for people who struggle to lose weight and it has now impacted their mental health.

I designed this course for those who are tired of dreaming of being healthy and fit and are ready to finally...



I used to be the fat kid growing up. While I've had periods where I was "in shape," for the most part, I've been a dad-bod-father-figure-thickums.

In October 2021, I had a nervous breakdown that shook me to my core. That terrifying feeling of helplessness seemingly lasted for hours. I was so helpless; I could only lie down and sleep. When I could finally function again, I started wondering what changes I could make to avoid experiencing another breakdown.

I realized that a large part of my unhappiness came from how I looked in the mirror. You see, I ate unhealthy things when I was happy to celebrate my happiness and ate even more of the same harmful things when I was sad in an effort to help me feel better. I noticed that comfort food never comforted me in the long run. While it tasted good, I felt like crap after. However, because my brain was constantly going from pain to pleasure, I wanted to eat more of these harmful foods.

So, I decided in December of 2021 to go to therapy to help my mind heal, but I also decided to gain control of my physical health because I read somewhere that we are what we eat. While on this journey to optimal health, I discovered juicing. Through juicing, I have been able to lower my A1C, eliminate nearly all the inflammation in my body, and maintain a healthy weight.

I've also since been certified in Plant-Based nutrition from Cornell University, and designed this course to help you finally heal yourself--from the inside out.

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How to Heal Your Body by Juicing

How to Heal Your Body by Juicing

The perfect companion to the course! Download my juicing eBook, where you will find 21 recipes to help you heal from the inside out! These recipes helped me lose nearly 50 pounds; and if it worked for me, it can work for you too!

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